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Field indicators, the simplest searchers

are used by novice professionals and lay people (designed to identify active wireless microphones, video transmitters, mobile phones, wireless video cameras, and other wireless transmission devices)

name photo application description
ST 110 only detector beetles, in which the ability to cut off the external radiation is implemented and which operates only on the sources in the inspected area; that greatly improves the efficiency in comparison with other devices. Is based on wideband detection of the electric field. Identification of continuous and pulsed signals of gsm, dect. standard. Acoustic feedback mode.
ST 165 For detection and identification of cellular standards transmitters: gsm, wi-fi, wireless devices and cameras, bluetooth-devices. Direct conversion receiver with digital control and information output on the color display. Detection of signals by viewing frequency range of the known transmission standards.

Multi-zone stationary complex

ST 152 Stationarily used for the simultaneous control of the presence of listening devices in large areas — up to 32 zones simultaneously main unit
remote module


(explore all the technical information leakage channels: radio — wireless radio microphones, video transmitters, and wireless transmission devices that use different types of wireless communication: gsm, Wi-fi; wired microphones and video cameras, wire telephone lines (power and low voltage), fire alarms, AC 220V, etc.; recorder, vibroacoustic channels (walls, windows, engineering constructions of building).

ST 033 For operational activities to identify and isolate hardware of secret information obtainment  as well as to identify and control the natural and artificially created information leakage channels to support the work with ibm-compatible PC, to run scanning receiver, to update the software of the main unit. consists of the main control and display unit, of a set of converters, and can operate in a number of modes that are described in the technical specifications + digital interface
ST 034 For activities to detect and localize the main types of STD of secretly obtaining information and to identify naturally and artificially created channel leakages. Detectable STDs: radiomictophones, telephone radio transmitters, radio stethoscopes, camcorder with a radio transmitter, unauthorized used cell phones, modems of gsm dect. standard,  as well as devices with digital TV transmission of wlan, bluetooth standards , STD having in its composition devices of spatial high exposure beacons to monitor the movement of objects (people, vehicles, goods, etc.), STD with data transmission in the infrared frequencies band, SDT using data wire lines and low voltage electrical power. Has four channels of distribution: radio, wire, optical, acoustoelectric. Is made in a compact design.
ST 131 NEW! Is intended for activities to detect and determine the location of special technical devices (STD) for secret obtainment of information and identification of natural and artificially created channels of information leakage. There are two main use options: portable for quick search, and stationary with unique special software. Automatic signal search with creation of database. Special algorithms for detection. Connection of additional sensors and antennas to solve specific tasks. Level scale for quick search of radiation sources. Level of base stations. Online updating of the main unit software. Main unit + UHF converter + adapter + wireline adapter + broadband UHF antenna + telescopic antenna + probe and checker kit

Optional equipment

ST 03 test To control working capacity of multifunctional searcher ST 033 ‘Piranha’. It allows to estimate the efficiency of the following modes:
-High-frequency detector frequency meter;
-Wire lines analyzer;
-Detector of low-frequency magnetic fields;
-Infrared radiation detector.
Is a set of imitators gathered in one casing with independent power supply
ST 03 DA Iesigned to work with the ST 033 «Piranha» product.
It  provides:
-Detection of covert eavesdropping devices that use landlines to transfer information;
-Assessment of the TEMPEST impact.Balanced input of adapter allows you to effectively suppress external interference signalsHigh sensitivity of the adapter allows to detect:
-Transmission of the signal from microphones, both active and passive (with no pre-amp).
-Presence of «microphonic effect» of office equipment, household REE, fire alarm, etc. in the test line.
ST 03.DA connects to «PROBES» of the ST 033 main unit .
ST 034 A For use with ST034 product. The structure of the sensor includes acoustic transducer (microphone) and pre amplifier. Is connected to the connector for connecting additional sensors.
ST 131 MF Is designed for measurement of magnetic field intensity in the frequency range of 30 — 30000Hz in the multifunctional searcher ST131 «PIRANHA II» or in other test equipment with the same input parameters. Is an inductive converter of alternating magnetic field into an electrical signalWork with «ST131.MF» is available in two versions:  portable (using the handle) and stationary (tripod mounting).
ST 034 MF Sensor operation is available in two modes:
-measurement of the magnetic field;
-measurement of the voltage fields difference, which significantly reduces the impact of remote powerful magnetic fields, as well as the influence of other interfering factors (acoustic, vibro-acoustic, etc.).
consists of a primary transmitter (ferrite antenna) and power amplification and processing unit.
ST 110 SHF extends the frequency range to up to 7GHz structurally consists of a broadband logarithmic detector and antenna to circuit directional diagram
ST 131 SHF extends the frequency range Consists of design-assembled one-case log-periodic detector antenna and UHF amplifier.
ST 131 IR infrared transmitter Is a device, in which receiving photodiode and preamplifier are structurally united.

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