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ST034.MF Magnetic Field Probe


ST034.MF is designed to be used in pair with ST034.

ST034.MF an inductive transducer alternating magnetic field into an electrical signal.

«ST034.MF» structurally consists of a primary transmitter (ferrite antenna) and a block amplification and processing.

Probe can work in two modes:

  • measurement of the magnetic field;
  • measuring the difference in field strength, which considerably weakens the influence of distant powerful magnetic fields, as well as the influence of other interfering influences (acoustic, vibro-acoustic, etc.).


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Product description

Specifications +

Frequency range, kHz 0,4÷12
Sensitivity threshold, T/Hz1/2 10-11
Dynamic range, dB 50
Dimensions (no wire), mm L=230, D=24
Weight, kg 0.14

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ST131.MF 1
Bag 1
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