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ST131.MF Magnetic Field Probe


ST131.MF Magnetic Field Probe

Magnetic Field Probe «ST131.MF» is intended for the measurement of magnetic field in the 30 —  30000MHz  frequency range in pair with multifunctional  detection device ST131 «PIRANHA II» or «ST131N». «ST131.MF» converts alternating magnetic field into electrical signal.

ST131.MF operates in two modes:

«MAGNETOMETER» — directly as a magnetic field intensity sensor.

«GRADIOMETER» — as a gradiometer it measures field intensity in 2 points of antenna’s magnetic axis. In this mode, influence of other magnetic field sources and additional interference is much lower.


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Product description

Specifications +

Frequency range, Hz dB 30-30000
Transformation ratio (1000Hz), B*m/A 1.00±0.01
Threshold sensitivity, A/m*Hz1/2 (1000Гц), less than 2*10-6
Maximum amplitude of the output signal total distortion of less than 3%, V 1.4
Current consumption, mA 30

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ST131.MF 1
Bag 1
Technical description and operating manual 1
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