ST 158


ST158 is intended forMonitoring of the workability of mobile jamming devices (according to CDMA450, GSM, 3G, 4G mobile standards).
This task is achieved through the installation of the control module (hereinafter CM) inside the coverage area of the jamming device. There is a condition like one CM per one jamming device.

Background for purpose of this system.
  • During the installation of the cell phone jamming device, it is not paid sufficient attention to checking the blocked area and matching the frequency band for jammers and a cell tower in the local place.
  • Usually this is done on the basis of an examination the link between the base station and the cell phone for one or two providers. However, a check of all mobile providers is necessary. There may be more than five of them.
  • Over time, a mobile provider can change the location, the number of base stations, which leads to a change in the signal strength and (or)  the frequency band at the installation location of the jamming device.
  • The jammer is a sophisticated radio transmitter and it can break down while working. Fast detection that breakage is difficult.

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Product description

Specifications +

Full frequency range 25-6000 MHz
Maximum input level, dBm -5
Supply voltage, V 5
Consumption current, mA, not more than 500
Dimensions without antenna, mm 109x60x27

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ST 158 1-128
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