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ST 152 Multi-Zonal Remote Radiomonitoring System


ST 152 Multi-Zonal Remote Radiomonitoring System

The Multi-Zonal Remote Radiomonitoring System ST 152 is designed to detect the sources of electromagnetic radiation from devices intended for the unauthorized obtaining of information (eavesdropping devices), such as:

  • radio microphones
  • telephone radio transmitters
  • radio-stethoscopes
  • hidden video cameras equipped with a radio channel for transmitting information
  • unauthorized radio stations, wireless phones, and phones with wireless extensions
  • unauthorized use of GSM and DECT cellular phones

The ST 152 comprises remote modules (hereafter, “M”) that are placed in locations where the use of unauthorized radio transmission devices is suspected. A single M covers a local zone and monitors the electromagnetic situation within in. The receiver of M consists of two blocks: a high-speed scanning receiver with a frequency range of 70–1200 MHz and a wideband field detector with a frequency range of 900–6000 MHz. Via a radio channel, data from M is transmitted to a base transceiver station connected to a PC.

The maximum number of simultaneously operating Ms is 32. Generally, this number is determined by the ability of the monitor to display the necessary information and scanning intervals of M (see Timing of data transmission between M and the base station). The specialized software allows controlling the system and displays information from M on a computer monitor.

The following information can be displayed: alarm signal, signal level, data transfer protocols (GSM, DECT, Bluethooth, WLAN), and spectrogram (with a frequency range of 70–1200 MHz). In addition, the system logs the events to a log file. *A local zone is space limited by the sensitivity of the scanning receiver and field detector of Mand interference in the zone of monitoring. *This number may vary in a wide range depending on the structure of the building, interference, and transmission frequency


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Product description

Specifications +

Frequency range of the scanning receiver
70–1200 MHz
Frequency range of the radio detector
900–6000 MHz
Sensitivity at the input
70–1,200 MHz
<0.1 mV
900–6,000 MHz
<3 mV
Power supply
3.6 V (Li-Ion rechargeable battery) OR
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz (power adapter)
Current consumption
— standby mode
0.1 mA
— operation
30 mA
85 x 53 x 21 mm (3.3 x 2 x 0.8 inches)
Base station
120 x 80 x 32 mm (4.7 x 3.1 x 1.3 inches)
433/868/915 MHz
Maximum output power
12 dBm
Data transfer speed
19.6 kbps
Receiver sensitivity
–113 dBm

List of equipment +

1. Remote module (M) 1-32*
2. Base transceiver station 1
3. Installation disc with software 1
4. Data cable for the base station 1
5. Transceiver antenna for the base station 1
6. Transceiver antenna for M 1-32*
7. Receiver antenna for the field detector of M 1-32*
8. Receiver antenna for the scanning receiver of M 1-32*
9. Power adapter for M 1-32*
*depending on the number of M
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