The ST 033 «PIRANHA» multifunctional countersurveillance device is designed for detection and localization of special technical means (STM) used for secret acquisition of information, for detection of natural and artificially created channels for leakage of information.
The ST033 consists of the Main Control and Indication Unit, and a set of Transducers, and is capable of operating in the following modes:

  • HF detector/frequency meter
  • SHF detector (with ST03.SHF)
  • conducting line analyser;
  • infrared detector;
  • low frequency magnetic field detector;
  • acoustic transducer.
  • low frequency differential amplifier (with ST03DA).

The device allows to process the received low frequency signals in either oscilloscope mode, or spectrum analyser mode with a digital representation of data. Its non-volatile memory can store up to 99 screen images.

Special software is allows:

  • the transfer of information from ST 033P’s display on to the PC.
  • the creation of a database of graphic and audio files, that are being generated in the process of operation with ST 033P in real time, or are retrieved from ST 033P’s non-volatile memory.

Firmware upgrade via internet

Control of the scanning receiver (AOR8000, 8200, 5000).The scanning receiver can be controlled while the instrument operates in the HF detector/frequency meter mode, and conductive line scanning analyser mode. The action is based on tuning the receiving frequency of the scanning receiver, to match the frequency of the signal received.

ST 033 is a portable unit. For handling and storage a special bag is used.

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Product description

Specifications +

Radio frequency detector-frequency meter
Operating frequency range, MHz 30-2500
Sensitivity at input, mV <1 (30MHz-1000MHz)
<4 (1000MHz-1800MHz)
<8 (1800MHz-2000MHz)
Dynamic range, dB 60
Frequency meter sensitivity, mV <15
Frequency measurements accuracy, MHz ± 0.01
SHF detector
Frequency range, GHz 2.5-8
Threshold sensitivity, W/cm² 2.5×10-10
Dynamic range, dB 32
Type of antenna Log-periodic
Antenna beamwidth, degrees 60-90
Conductive wire lines scanning analyzer
Scanning range, MHz 0.01-15
Sensitivity for signal/noise ratio 10 dB, mV <0.5
Scanning step, kHz 5(1)
Scanning speed, kHz/s 50-1500
Bandwidth, kHz 10
Selectivity as per neighboring channel, dB 30
Demodulation types AM, FM
Maximum allowable input voltage, V 600
Infrared channel
Spectral range, nm 770-1000
Threshold sensitivity, W/Hz1/2 10-13
Angle of sight, degrees 30
Bandwidth of detection, MHz 3
Magnetic fields detector
Frequency range, kHz 0.3-10
Threshold sensitivity, A/(m x Hz2) 10-5
Gain, dB 22±1
Acoustic channel
Frequency range, kHz 0.3-8
Sensitivity, mV/Pa >5
Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
Frequency range, kHz 0.01-22
Sensitivity at the input, mV <10
Inaccuracy of measuring, % (of the upper limit) 1
Oscillogram output speed, s 0.2
Spectrogram output speed, s 0.3
Power supply (DC), V 6(4 batteries, AA type) OR

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Maximum consumed current, mA 300
Consumed current in operating mode, mA 150
Dimensions and weight
The principal control, processing and indication unit: overall dimensions, mm 180х97х47
The principal control, processing and indication unit: weight, kg 0.8
Complete set: overall dimensions, mm 350х310х160
Complete set: weight, kg not exceeding 5

List of equipment +

The complete set
1. The main control processing and indication unit. 1
2. Radio frequency antenna. 1
3 SHF detector ST03 1
4. Adapter for conductive wire lines analyzer. 1
5. Differential low frequency amplifier (ST033.DA)* 1
6. Magnetic sensor. 1
7. Infrared sensor. 1
8. Acoustic sensor. 1
9. Control device «ST03.TEST»* 1
10. Telescopic antenna. 1
11. «Needle»,»220″and «Alligator» type extensions. 2X3
12. Headphones. 1
13. Shoulder belt for the main unit, with a pocket for sensors. 1
14. Main unit support. 1
15. Power supply unit. 1
16. AA type batteries. 4
17. User Manual. 1
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